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Albemarle High School

Albemarle High School

  • Author: Todesengel
  • Date Posted: Sep 30, 2014
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  • Address: Albemarle High School

An Albemarle High School student was shot by another student during an argument at the school Tuesday morning, Stanly County authorities said.

Albemarle police said a male student was shot twice in the courtyard at the front of the school around 7:40 a.m. before classes started for the day.

“In this case we had the suspect immediately in custody,” said Albemarle Police Chief William Halliburton.

A parent who spoke to NBC Charlotte identified Jalen Russell as the shooter and the victim as Bernard Miller. Halliburton would only say the victim “was shot in the lower extremities.”

Police said the shooting stemmed from an altercation between the two students, a juvenile and a 16-year-old, police say. There were a few students who witnessed the shooting.

Halliburton said the shooting was an isolated incident and the shooter has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Halliburton would not officially release the name of the shooter, but NBC Charlotte was able to confirm the identity from witnesses at the school.

“We had 20 officers there (at the school) within minutes,” Halliburton said during a news conference.

He said after Russell shot Miller he walked into the front office and turned himself in to the principal and resource officer.

“We have recovered the gun,” Halliburton said. “It was placed on the ground.”

The chief said the weapon was a handgun and two shots were fired during the altercation.

“He could have done more so the reaction is that we’re thankful that he gave himself up,” Halliburton said.

Officers did a sweep of the school while students were in lockdown. After the school was deemed safe, students were evacuated.

“The school was evacuated within one and a half hours,” Halliburton said.

Once the school was evacuated the students went about a block away to North Albemarle Baptist Church on Salisbury. A staging area was set-up for parents at the church.

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