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Three teens and a 20-year-old were shot outside Rosemary Anderson High School in North Portland late Friday morning, leaving a 16-year-old in critical condition.

In an afternoon press conference, PPB Sgt. Pete Simpson said the suspects are three African-American males, and all are in their late teens to early 20s.

The four who were shot — Taylor Michelle Zimmers, 16; La’Braye Quavon Franklin, 17; David Joshua Jackson-Liday, 20; and Olyvia Lynn Batson, 17 — were all shot outside the school, 717 Killingsworth Court.

Simpson said the shooter was never inside the school, and preliminary investigation shows there was some kind of dispute that preceded the shooting.

The shooter may be gang-related, but that does not necessarily mean the victims were affiliated with a gang, he said.

Taylor Zimmers is in critical condition, authorities said. Franklin and Jackson-Liday are in fair condition, while Batson was treated for a grazing wound at the scene.

The young men were both in serious condition but upgraded to fair later, Simpson said, and added the 19-year-old suffered a grazing wound and was treated at the school. All the victims are affiliated with the school, either as students or former students.

The Gang Task Force is investigating and PPB homicide detectives are also involved, Simpson said. Additionally, the ATF and the FBI offered their investigative services.

The investigation is ongoing and no names are being released at this time.

By 1:15 p.m., the school had been secured and the students released. Officials want parents of Rosemary Anderson High School students to go to Killingsworth Court and Kerby Avenue.

Jefferson High School and Portland Community College were locked down for a few hours, but the lockdown was lifted around 2 p.m.

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Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirms that 38-year-old Thomas Floyd Fees fired two gun shots before turning the gun on himself.

Fees died after opening fire and then turning a gun on himself Friday evening at RSU in Claremore.

On one of his social media accounts, Fees identified himself as a National Guard veteran who wanted to get into the mental health field to help law enforcement and military personnel deal with PTSD issues.

Inmate records show that Fees was recently arrested for entering a woman’s residence without permission the morning of Thursday, December 4, just one day before the shooting.

The woman told police she woke up with Fees standing over her.

Fees is a former Tulsa police officer who was arrested  in 2010 after pulling a gun on someone at a Tulsa bar. He resigned from TPD because of those charges.

Students heard gunfire near Preparatory Hall on campus around 7 p.m. Friday.

Officers said a Fees, who was not a student, tried to get into one of the buildings. Multiple shots were fired and Fees was found dead.

The school was on lockdown for more than two hours.

“We received a call of multiple shots fired on campus. Several agencied aided us including RSU Campus Police. One deceased subject has been located,” said Lt. Chuch Goad with Claremore police.

“We know there were at least two or three shots fired from what we can tell so far,” said RSU President Larry Rice.

“We believe he was here with the intention of domestic violence trying to locate his female friend who is a student and student worker. He was not successful in locating her but he did believe she was in the building that he was trying to gain access to,” Rice said.

Police said that female student is fine and was not injured.

Officials said a pistol was recovered at the scene.

Fees resigned as a police officer in 2010 after pulling a gun on someone at a Tulsa bar. He was also arrested this week for unlawfully entering a building.

Campus officials said counselors are on hand for students Friday night and will be available again Monday.

The lockdown order was lifted shortly after 9 p.m.

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Freddrick Parks fired the bullet that killed Khambell Manning last week during a wild shootout near Miami Carol City High School that had students trapped in the school and dogs and helicopters scouring the neighborhood for hours, police said Tuesday.

Parks, 17, was taken into custody Tuesday morning by Miami Gardens and Miami-Dade police, and was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of 16-year-old Khambell Manning. Parks also was charged with attempting to murder Manning’s friend, 17-year-old Tranard Gray.

Gray was released from Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center over the weekend. Manning died there Sunday night.

Police continue to look for an accomplice of Park’s who eluded a manhunt covering several blocks around the school at 3301 NW 183rd St. in Miami Gardens.

The rush-hour dragnet tied up traffic on busy 183rd Street and on surrounding roads into the residential neighborhood north of the school. Parents waiting to pick up kids locked inside were made more anxious by the glare of helicopter searchlights and the sight of police dogs scouring the area.

“We believe there are more people involved,” said Miami-Dade Police Detective Elena Hernandez. “We believe there were a total of four. The case is still open, and we’re still trying to piece everything together.”

Police attributed the gunfight to “an ongoing feud between the parties,” without going into detail.

According to police and eyewitness accounts, about 3:30 p.m. Friday three teenagers and another male began to quarrel on the school’s east side, either just on school property or near a basketball court at a public park adjacent to the school. It was an hour after school had ended for the day.

Shots sounded, and kids scattered. At one point, Gray, bleeding from a gunshot wound, stumbled into the school begging for help. He received it, and police were already on their way.

Though Parks was not arrested until Tuesday, Miami Gardens police found him almost immediately at or near the school grounds.

Police who interrogated Parks named him as the shooting suspect as early as Friday. But they delayed officially charging him until after Khambell’s condition became clear.

Police at the scene said shots were fired in both directions, though only Manning and Gray were struck. On Friday, they said no weapon had been recovered. On Tuesday they were not giving details.

Miami Carol City High School administrators said none of the four males involved in the shooting are students at Carol City. Police believe the male who escaped fled to the north, into a dense cluster of homes.

About 400 students were still at school four hours after the end of classes Friday. Many were taking part in after-school activities. Others were waiting to attend a basketball game that night against Hialeah’s American Senior High School.

With the Miami Carol City High School placed on lockdown, about 400 students were forced to remain inside the school until the threat was cleared about 6:30 p.m. They were shuttled between classrooms and a gymnasium, several kids said. As a precaution, about 375 other kids were locked down at a nearby middle and elementary school.

The shooting at Miami Carol City High School took place the same day that Myron May is accused of shooting three students at Florida State University in Tallahassee. One of them is paralyzed from the waist down. Police shot and killed May just outside the FSU library.

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Florida State University
November 202014

Three Florida State University students were shot and wounded inside the school’s Strozier Library early Thursday morning by a gunman who was an alumni of the school and a lawyer, according to a law enforcement official.

The official said the shooter was Myron May — who was killed by police — graduated from Florida State before attending Texas Tech University’s law school. The official requested anonymity because he was not authorized to release the name.

David Taunton, who runs a foster home in the Florida Panhandle, told that May returned from Texas and asked if he could stay at a guest house in a rural area. Taunton, who knew May through his sons who ran track together in high school, agreed and let him stay in one for the past three weeks.

“He was a good a kid as it gets,” he said.

May was back in the area to study for an exam and and seemed like himself until he disappeared Friday night after dinner with his grandmother, Taunton said. Taunton sent May an email to check on him, and said May responded, “I’m so sorry” referring to not checking in. “I’m all right.”

May confided something with Taunton that “raised worry.” But Taunton would not go into details of their last conversation. Police interviewed Taunton after the shooting, The Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, the scene at the library was chaotic at about 12:30 a.m. when the armed suspect walked into the Tallahassee building and opened fire. There were reports of several gunshots heard in a row.

“This person just for whatever reason produced a handgun and then began shooting students in the library,” FSU Police Chief David Perry said.

Sean Young, a student at the school who was on the third floor of the building, told that students ran past him and some took refuge in a private study room rented by a fraternity.

“My first instinct was to remain calm and try to keep the people around me calm as well, and just try to cooperate,” he said.

Sarah Evans, another student from the school, from Miami said she was inside the library and heard a male student say he had been shot. When she looked at him, he was on the ground with blood spreading on his pants leg.

In the meantime, the unidentified suspect made his way outside to the entrance of the building. He was confronted by campus police who ordered him to drop his weapon. The gunman disregarded the order and fired a shot at the officers. Police returned fire and fatally hit the man.

Hours after the shooting, detectives could be seen inspecting the body of the suspected gunman, who was lying face down at the top of an access ramp just outside the library. A gray baseball cap lay near his head. reported that all three victims were located around the library. The report said one student is in critical condition, another is stable and one was treated at the scene and released. Police did not say if the wounded were shot by the gunman.

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare said as of 10:30 a.m. Thursday, the condition of the patients have not changed.

In a press conference Thursday morning, police assured that the shooting was an isolated incident and there is not further threat on campus. University officials said campus will remain open Thursday, but all classes are canceled.

A nursing supervisor at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare told the Associated Press that the hospital was treating two people for gunshot wounds early Thursday.

Shortly after 4 a.m., a loud tone sounded across the campus followed by an announcement that the campus was “all clear.”

David Sillick, the publisher of Jacksonville Business Journal, told that he received a text message from his daughter during the shooting, saying, “There’s a man with a gun in the library. I love you.” She called a few minutes later to say police were at the scene and clearing out the floors and she was fine.

“We didn’t know what was happening so I monitored Twitter,” Sillick said. “A message like that is every parents’ worst fear.”

Hours later, detectives could be seen inspecting the body of the alleged gunman. He was lying face down at the top of the access ramp just outside the library.

A telephone alert from the university urged people to stay away from doors and windows. The alert provided no details of what sparked the reported that students were on lockdown in a second library and in the university dormitories.

Florida State President John Thrasher, who took office earlier this month said in a statement Thursday the community is saddened by the events.

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Two students are dead after one of them opened fire Friday morning in the Marysville-Pilchuck High School cafeteria before turning the gun on himself, authorities said.

Police said a girl was killed and two other girls and two boys were wounded  in the 10:45 a.m. shooting. Several students identified the shooter as freshman Jaylen Fryberg, recently named the school’s homecoming prince.

Zach Yarbrough, a junior, said he saw the shooter “extend his arm across a round table and fire his gun three to four times.” He watched the shootings but didn’t see what happened afterward because he “was already out of the cafeteria.”

Four young people — two boys and two girls — were taken by ambulance to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett.

Both girls who are at Providence with gunshot wounds to the head are now out of surgery and in a critical care unit. Both were ID’d by family members with the help of police, but families asked not to release their names. Doctors will monitor brain activity overnight, and there was no immediate prognosis, said Dr. Joanne Roberts, chief medical officer for Providence.

Friday afternoon, teary-eyed teens and adults who said they were family and friends of one of the victims huddled in a hallway near a main entrance to the hospital. Some made calls on their cellphones, but most stood quietly near one another.

Another victim, Andrew Fryberg, a 15-year-old cousin of Jaylen, had surgery at Providence then was transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The fourth, 14-year-old Nate Hatch, was shot in the jaw and was also transferred to Harborview. He was out of surgery and in serious condition Friday afternoon. He also is a cousin of Fryberg.

“His family is coming to grips with what happened,” a hospital spokeswoman said.

Jarron Webb, 15, said the shooter was angry about a romantic relationship he was involved in, and that the girl was one of the people shot.  He said he believes one of the victims was his friend since kindergarten.

Freshmen Brandon Carr, 15, and Kobe Baumann, 14, said they were just outside the cafeteria when the shooting happened.

“We started hearing these loud banging noises, like someone hitting a trash can,” Carr said. They heard screaming and yelling.

“Once I knew it was gunshots, we just booked it,” Carr said.

They eventually joined about two dozen kids inside a classroom with police and FBI. Police told them to stay in there. “Everybody in the classroom was just freaking out crying,” Carr said. Eventually, they were told they could leave, and were loaded onto buses.

Carr said he knew Fryberg and that both were on the freshman football team. He said that Thursday at practice, Fryberg was in good spirits.

“He was all happy, dancing around and listening to music. I don’t know what happened today,” Carr said.

Baumann said he was in fourth-period English class with Fryberg right before the shooting, and that he seemed kind of nervous.

“He sits right up in the front. He got called on, but he just kept his head down and didn’t really say anything.”

Students reported pandemonium in the lunchroom after the shooting, with dozens rushing for doors and then jumping a fence to escape.

Freshman Austin Wright said every exit in the lunchroom was jammed with kids escaping gunfire. “I heard three gunshots and I ran.”

Richard Young, who knows the Fryberg family and has a son at the high school, said he’s heard community members describe Jaylen as “a really good kid.”

“He was well-liked,” Young said. “It’s just a big shock to everybody.”

Fryberg’s postings on Twitter are full of angst, with his most recent posting on Thursday morning saying, “It won’t last…. It’ll never last….”

“I should have listened…. You were right,” he wrote in another message earlier in the week.

Other images on social media showed him joyful, playing sports and spending time with his girlfriend. One image shows him proudly holding the antler of a deer, with a hunting rifle next to him.

Jaylen comes from a family that is prominent in the Tulalip Tribes. His grandfather is director of fish and wildlife at the tribe.

“Anytime something happens to one of our kids, it affects everyone,” tribal communications director Niki Cleary said. “Everybody will be dealing with this for a long time.”

As residents gathered at the Don Hatch Youth Center on the reservation, one Tulalip resident said many members heard the last name on the news and immediately knew who the broadcasters were talking about. By process of elimination, they realized it was Jaylen.

“We’re all one family,” he said. “You never imagine it’s going to happen here.”

A crisis team is providing counseling services at the center. Anyone in the area is welcome to come, behavioral health executive director Diane Henry said.

“We’ll be here as long as we’re needed,” Henry said.

At a noon news conference, Marysville Police Cmdr. Robb Lamoureux called the scene an active investigation and said police officers were going door-to-door to ensure that the campus was safe.  They were leaving tape to mark the doors of rooms that had been cleared. Officers were finding students and staff members hiding alone or in small groups.

“We are confident that there was only one shooter and that the shooter is dead,” Lamoureux said.

Some of the school’s 1,200 students were evacuated, walking out and across the fields with their hands up. Others were told to stay inside classrooms.

Sophomore Arlene Cortez, 16, says she locked herself in a classroom with other students for about 45 minutes before police came in.

Some were bused to the nearby Shoultes Gospel Hall, where they are being accounted for. Lamoureux urged parents and family members of students to stay away from the scene, saying authorities would provide information on a location for them to be reunited with students.

At the church, tearful parents and students were being reunited, and hugging.

“I never thought I would be standing here after a school shooting,” said Heather Parker, whose son, Corbin, is a senior. “He’s pretty shook up. He just said ‘I’m OK.’ He was trying to calm me down.”

Adam Holston, 14, a freshman, was just leaving the lunchroom when the gunfire broke out. “Everyone just started running. I could hear the gunshots and my heart was racing and we didn’t know what was going on.”

Some ran out to the parking lot, some to the field.

“Someone opened a door and we all ran into classrooms and just stayed there.”

Jery Holston had two children in the school communicating with him by cellphone. They were both OK. Adam is a freshman; Kayleigh is a senior.

Holston said Adam called him this morning yelling, “Dad, dad, hurry, someone is shooting. Please come.” He said his son ran and hid outside in the field by the stadium.

Jery was in Stanwood at the time. “I probably did a hundred miles per hour to get there. I didn’t stop for anything. My heart went into my stomach. As a father, this has been my fear since my kids have been in school, that something like this would happen.”

Ayn Dietrich-Williams, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Seattle, said agents were in Marysville to offer assistance.

All classes have been canceled through next week, and  activities and sports through at least the weekend.

Marysville is among three school districts recently chosen to share a $10 million federal grant for improved student mental-health services, which have been identified as a pressing need. Administrators were working on plans for the money just as news came about the shooting Friday morning.

“We’re stunned,” just stunned,” said Jodi Runyon, assistant to Marysville superintendent Becky Berg.

Jerry Jenkins, who supervises Marysville and several other districts for the Puget Sound Educational Service District, said, “The tragedy that happened in Marysville could  have happened anywhere. We used to have a much greater social safety net. Marysville has been willing to sit down and work with mental health providers to get mental health services to kids who need it, even though that is not a school’s traditional role.”

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Kristofer Hunter’s friends say he was a good kid and that Friday’s football game was a reunion for all their friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Now, police are investigating the 17-year-old’s shooting death after someone gunned him down in the parking lot after the Langston Hughes High School homecoming game.

Teenagers coping with the death of their friend say it’s sad they don’t even feel safe at a high school homecoming football game anymore.

Hunter’s friends told Channel 2’s Liz Artz the teen, who attends an alternative school, wanted to see old friends and enjoy a homecoming game at Langston Hughes High School Friday night. Instead, that night that ended in gunfire.

“You can’t even come to a football game and just watch it any more. You have to worry about somebody getting shot,” Khyra Perry said.

Fulton County school officials told Artz that after the game, around 10 p.m., police were called to a shooting in the school’s parking lot. They said they found Hunter still alive, but barely holding on.

“I’ve been really lost for words trying to keep myself together all day,” Perry said.

The teen died a short time later at Grady Memorial Hospital. Three of Hunter’s friends talked with Artz Saturday about the attention his death is getting on social media. They addressed rumors he was in a gang and this was some type of revenge killing.

Hunter’s friends denied that he was involved in any gang activity.

Others told Artz the killers were bragging about it on Twitter and Instagram. Police said they are following those leads and every lead they get. While detectives do their job, his friends want him remembered for who they say he was — a good guy with a big heart and a smile to match.

“Kris was a great person, a loving person. He never hurt anybody,” Perry said. “Everybody is going to remember about him his smile. He had the perfect smile.”

Police said Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents were at the crime scene, but school resource officers are working the homicide investigation. So far, they have not released a suspect or vehicle description.

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Police have arrested a teenager who allegedly shot a student at a Louisville, Kentucky, high school Tuesday, triggering a lockdown. The victim is expected to survive, police said.

The shooting took place at 1 p.m. at Fern Creek Traditional High School. Louisville Metro Police Department said the 16-year-old suspect fled immediately after shooting his 15-year-old victim, but was arrested at around 4 p.m. in an apartment complex within walking distance of the school, and a weapon was recovered.

Police said the suspect is charged with assault, wanton endangerment, unlawful possession of a weapon on school property, tampering with evidence and carrying a concealed deadly weapon. Authorities did not release the suspect’s name, and did not say why he allegedly shot the victim.

Fern Creek High School and a nearby elementary school were both placed on lockdown as police hunted for the suspect, and parents of Fern Creek students were notified to come pick up their children, NBC affiliate WAVE reported. Police escorted Fern Creek students out of the building, in a single file with their hands on their heads, at 2 p.m., an hour after the shooting, the station reported.

The victim, whose name also was not released, was in stable condition at University Hospital Tuesday night, police said.

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Albemarle High School
September 302014

An Albemarle High School student was shot by another student during an argument at the school Tuesday morning, Stanly County authorities said.

Albemarle police said a male student was shot twice in the courtyard at the front of the school around 7:40 a.m. before classes started for the day.

“In this case we had the suspect immediately in custody,” said Albemarle Police Chief William Halliburton.

A parent who spoke to NBC Charlotte identified Jalen Russell as the shooter and the victim as Bernard Miller. Halliburton would only say the victim “was shot in the lower extremities.”

Police said the shooting stemmed from an altercation between the two students, a juvenile and a 16-year-old, police say. There were a few students who witnessed the shooting.

Halliburton said the shooting was an isolated incident and the shooter has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Halliburton would not officially release the name of the shooter, but NBC Charlotte was able to confirm the identity from witnesses at the school.

“We had 20 officers there (at the school) within minutes,” Halliburton said during a news conference.

He said after Russell shot Miller he walked into the front office and turned himself in to the principal and resource officer.

“We have recovered the gun,” Halliburton said. “It was placed on the ground.”

The chief said the weapon was a handgun and two shots were fired during the altercation.

“He could have done more so the reaction is that we’re thankful that he gave himself up,” Halliburton said.

Officers did a sweep of the school while students were in lockdown. After the school was deemed safe, students were evacuated.

“The school was evacuated within one and a half hours,” Halliburton said.

Once the school was evacuated the students went about a block away to North Albemarle Baptist Church on Salisbury. A staging area was set-up for parents at the church.

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Indiana State University
September 272014

The motive behind the shooting of an Indiana State University student appeared to be gambling, according to court documents.

Both men were “rolling dice,” according to the probable cause. University officials had described the shooting as an isolated incident.

“No question in my mind that’s what  it  was. one person mad at another and it resulted in this shooting,” Said Indiana State University Chief of Police, Joe Newport.

Calvin McCauley, 21, was arrested on a preliminary charge of attempted murder for the shooting of Tevin Moore, 20, at the Lincoln Quad residence hall Saturday. Campus police said the men had met earlier in the day.

“It was just a loud  gunfire and a lot of people ran out here,” said  ISU student Tyler Wilson.

Wilson grew up with the Moore in Indianapolis.

“It’s just crazy that it happened on campus.  You don’t expect that  coming from a city where you try and get away from high crime,” said Wilson.

Moore underwent surgery for a wound to the buttocks and was expected to make a full recovery. Investigators said Moore was shot in the stairwell of the residence hall but did not initially offer full cooperation to detectives.

Moore’s level of cooperation improved on Sunday, according to police.  Chief Newport says Moore’s family convinced him to talk with police.

Sunday, police arrested McCauley at his girlfriend’s house at 518 S 5th St.

“We set up surveillance at a home on the near south side of the city yesterday.   At  approximately  3 p.m, we found person we were looking for,” said Chief Newport.

According to police, Moore said he was “100 percent” sure that McCcauley pulled the trigger after he was shown a picture of him.

McCauley made his initial court appearance Monday. He’s being held without bond and was issued a “no contact” order with Moore.  He will be back in court Thursday.  Formal charges are expected to be filed.

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A gunman carrying a rifle opened fire and killed a student at Reynolds High School on Tuesday, and Troutdale police confirmed the gunman himself is also dead.

Multiple students told FOX 12 they heard at least two gunshots near the main gym around 8 a.m.

The victim was identified by a family spokesman as Emilio Hoffman. Police then confirmed that the 14-year-old freshman was the shooting victim.

Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson said he spoke to the boy’s parents.

“I can tell you how devastated they are by this news,” Anderson said. “They want you to know Emilio was a great kid and loved by all.”

Officials said a teacher, who students and neighbors identified as P.E. teacher Todd Rispler, was grazed by a bullet. He was treated at the scene.

“Despite being injured, he made his way to the office and started the school lockdown procedure,” Anderson said of Rispler.

The shooter has not been identified by police and his cause of death has not been revealed. Police said Emilio’s body was found in the boys locker room, while the shooter’s body was found in a different restroom.

Motive unknown

Law enforcement agencies first responded to reports of an active shooter at the school at 8:07 a.m., and when they arrived, they evacuated the school of all students and staff.

The situation was then “stabilized” and police confirmed the shooter had died. Police said two school resource officers and a tactical team “brought this to a conclusion.” Despite the all clear, a school lockdown persisted for hours afterward.

There’s no word yet on the gunman’s motive, and police haven’t said whether he is a student at the school, despite deputies tentatively identifying him. Investigators believe he entered the building that house’s the school’s gymnasium, which is a detached building from the school.

“This is a tragic day, one I hoped that would never, ever be part of my experience,” said Superintendent Linda Florence.

Troutdale Mayor Doug Daoust said it has been “a very unsettling day for our city.”

“I really want to say that I’m very impressed with how the police handled this whole operation,” he said. “My heart goes out to all the families.”

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A Seattle Pacific University (SPU) student tackled a gunman who was reloading his shotgun after killing one student and wounding two others inside a campus hall Thursday afternoon.

The shooting unleashed a wave of terror across the school as it went into lockdown and students scrambled for cover.

The suspect was identified by a law-enforcement source as Aaron Ybarra, 26, of Mountlake Terrace.

Police on Thursday night were questioning the suspect. He was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of murder, police said. The bail hearing for Ybarra is scheduled at 1:30 today.

No motive was immediately given for the shooting. The suspect carried extra shotgun shells, and also a knife, police said.

A law enforcement source said Friday that Ybarra planned a mass shooting and to kill as many people as possible, then kill himself.

King County Jail Interim Director William Hayes said Friday that Ybarra is being housed in a solitary cell on the seventh floor of the jail. The seventh floor is where the jail houses closely-monitored mentally-ill inmates.

“He was hellbent on a killing a lot of people today,” said a different second law-enforcement source briefed on the investigation.

Jon Meis, a student working as a building monitor, pepper-sprayed the shooter as he stopped to reload, then put him in a chokehold and took him to the ground, according to police and a friend who spoke with Meis after the shooting. Then other students and faculty members rushed to hold the shooter down until police arrived.

But until it was clear that only one shooter was responsible, students barricaded themselves, pulled blinds and waited for word that they were safe. Medics were forced to wait outside until police were sure there was no more danger.

“It was super-terrifying,” SPU sophomore Kharis Lund said of the fear and uncertainty that swept through the campus. “There were a lot of people crying and calling their parents.”

The gunman — wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt, skater sneakers and jeans, witnesses said — walked into the foyer of Otto Miller Hall shortly before 3:30 p.m. and shot three people, said Seattle police Capt. Chris Fowler.

When Meis saw the shooter reloading, he saw an opportunity to stop the attack, said Ryan Salgado, Meis’ roommate for the past four years. Salgado said his friend seemed to be in shock after the shooting.

Shotgun shells littered the floor of the foyer, which was sealed off with police tape.

One of the victims, 19-year-old Paul Lee of Portland, was taken in critical condition to Harborview Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Another, 20-year-old Sarah Williams, was in critical, but stable condition on Friday morning. She underwent a 5-hour surgery Thursday evening.

Student Chris Howard, 22, was in the machine shop when a friend ran in with blood on his neck and yelled, “Close the door behind me!”

Howard got a first-aid kit and put gauze on the friend’s wound. Then he went outside and saw the young woman prone on the ground, her chest covered in blood, being helped by another woman. He put the injured woman’s head on his lap.

Howard said the victim asked to talk with her family. “She thought she was going to die,” he said.

Howard took her phone and dialed the contacts for “mom” and “aunt.” All he got was voice mail.

The other victim, 24-year-old Thomas Fowler Jr., remains in satisfactory condition on Friday.

Seattle police officers were at the Ybarra house in Mountlake Terrace on Thursday night.

Ybarra has had a few minor encounters with police in the past — for drunken driving and operating a vehicle without insurance — but he’s never been arrested for anything violent.

“It makes no sense at all,’’ said Zack McKinley, who described himself as one of Ybarra’s closest friends. “He’s super happy and friendly. He’s an awesome guy, someone who would never let you down.”

McKinley said Ybarra had gotten a new job a few weeks ago, bagging groceries and cleaning up the store. After struggling with a minor reading disability, he was happy to have the job and tried to work as many hours as he could.

Ybarra didn’t do drugs and he didn’t drink, McKinley said. When they went out to celebrate his new job, Ybarra ordered a Dr Pepper, McKinley said.

Ybarra spent his time writing screenplays and novels, mostly adventure stories. Ybarra could get emotionally low, but McKinley said he had a good group of friends and never saw him depressed.

“I’m really good at deciphering if someone’s got bad news or in trouble. I’m blown away by this,’’ he said. “He called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go fishing.”

On his Facebook page, Ybarra “Liked” a page devoted to “guns and snipers.”

His friend, McKinley, though, said he never talked about guns, and was much more enthusiastic about fishing.

McKinley said he would visit his friend in jail. “Just because somebody does something crazy like that it doesn’t mean you give up on them.”

Edmonds Community College President Jean Hernandez said Friday morning that Ybarra was a former student.

“All of us in higher education grieve together when an event such as this occurs on a college campus,” Hernandez said in a statement. “The fact that the shooter was a former student at our college brings it even closer to home.

“I have reached out to SPU president Daniel Martin since hearing the news and have offered my condolences and any assistance we can provide,” Hernandez said.

News that his son Aaron was the alleged shooter seemed to send the suspect’s father, Ambrose Ybarra, reeling.

“We don’t know anything,’’ he said. “We just hope he’s safe. I’m a family man. I just need to put my arms around my family now. We just need to sit down and talk.”

Ybarra said, “It’s upsetting to have these accusations thrown around. We’re in emergency mode. We are trying to stay calm.”

“Day of tragedy … loss”

The shooting occurred on the second-to-last day of classes at the Free Methodist school on the north end of Queen Anne Hill, where there are 4,270 undergraduate and graduate students.

A prayer service was held Thursday evening at the campus church.

At the scene, a somber Mayor Ed Murray said: “Today should have been a day of celebration at the end of the school year here at Seattle Pacific University. Instead, it’s a day of tragedy and of loss. Once again, the epidemic of gun violence has come to Seattle, an epidemic of gun violence that has haunted this nation.”

He thanked first responders, students and staff.

“Friends, we have been here before: Café Racer, the shootings on Capitol Hill, the shootings at the Jewish Federation,” Murray said. “This is a tragic moment for Seattle, a tragic moment for America once again. Our prayers and our thoughts are with the families, and with the entire family of the Seattle Pacific University community.”

A prayer service is to be held at noon at the First Free Methodist Church alongside campus. Classes have been canceled.

SPU President Daniel J. Martin said the emergency-response system that was activated when the shooting occurred has been in operation for several years.

“Certainly, I think that Virginia Tech heightened the awareness of all campuses to be prepared for an event like this to occur,” he said of the 2007 shooting in which a gunman killed 32 people before taking his own life.

Martin said that students and faculty members have drills in case a shooting occurs, and cited those drills as one reason the shooter was apprehended and first responders arrived so quickly.

The students who helped apprehend the suspect “acted without regard to their own safety on behalf of others,” Martin said near Otto Miller Hall.

“We are a community and we care for others,” Martin said. “Those that were involved did just that.”

Classes were canceled for the rest of Thursday evening and Friday.

“Lockdown” in red

SPU students inside and near Otto Miller Hall heard the first blasts.

Blake Oliveira, 21, was in his physics class. “I heard a loud bang. At first I thought it was a chemistry project. My teacher thought that, too. Then I put my head to the door and I heard shouting. I decided, that was a gunshot, we need to lockdown,” said Oliveira.

After the door was locked and the blinds closed, Oliveira and another student grabbed a couple of metal cylinders they found in the classroom.

In case somebody broke in, they were planning to use the pipes to defend fellow students, no matter what risk to them.

“The Bible tells you that to die for their brothers is the greatest thing a man can do,” said Oliveira.

After some tense minutes, said Oliveira, two Seattle police officers with shotguns walked in from a door to an adjoining classroom, and told the students to leave, “Right now.”

Oliveira took off his sandals so he could run faster. He stepped in a pool of blood on the way out. The students ended up at a bus stop nearby. They formed a circle and prayed.

Michaela Stewart said the classroom clock emitted a “loud, obnoxious beep” and flashed the word “Lockdown” in red letters.

Her teacher locked the door, and they closed the blinds and turned off the lights. Her teacher told them to carry on, but they started hearing noises from the hall.

“We could hear screaming and moaning in the hallway right outside our door for quite a few minutes,’’ she said.

Some students began to pray. Stewart texted her family, telling them she was OK.

Stewart was unclear how much time passed, but said it seemed like about three minutes later when they were evacuated from the classroom.

“That’s when we saw blood on the carpet, and a guy in handcuffs, completely knocked out on the floor.”

The man was face down, she said, and appeared to be unconscious.

Text: I’ve been shot

Elsewhere across campus, students and faculty said they heard sirens and received a mass-emergency notice via text.

“Emergency! A campus lockdown has been initiated. This is not a drill,” the text said.

Tom Lane, who works in the School of Business and Economics, said he got an email and text notification of the lockdown at 3:28 p.m. — right around the time he heard emergency vehicles responding to the scene. At his office across the street and a couple buildings away, the three workers on his floor closed the blinds, locked the doors and gathered in the hallway.

SPU student Gloris Jones, 20, was walking from Otto Miller Hall with her mother, Mary Jones, who is visiting from Michigan.

Gloris Jones received a text message from a friend who said he had been shot. She sent back five or six messages to the SPU senior, but he didn’t reply.

“I don’t even know where he is,” Gloris Jones said as she hugged her mother. “And you want to make sure he’s OK.”

Lund, 19, said she was in her dorm room at Emerson Hall when she heard sirens.

“We thought that’s a lot of sirens, just for something in the neighborhood,” Lund said.

Next, she got a mass text from the school reporting the campus was on lockdown, it was not a drill and that a shooter was on campus.

Lund said she and several other people in the room locked the doors, closed the blinds and got on the floor.

The group in the room remained cautious until they heard a media report that the shooter was apprehended.

Lund said her room is a short distance from Otto Miller Hall and on the same street. But she did not see what happened, she said.

Gunshots next door

SPU student Jordan Heff was in class when he heard gunshots coming from a classroom next door.

“I was in physics and people heard a loud bang — we thought it was a science experiment. We heard crying and yelling outside our door. We walked out and there were bloodstains all over the carpet.”

Max Osgood, a 19-year-old freshman from Anchorage, Alaska, said he and about 25 other students were in a physics class when they heard “something that sounded like a door slam or a desk fall over.”

“And then we heard a lot of screaming that someone had been shot,” Osgood said.

When a classmate poked his head out of the classroom’s door, Osgood said, a voice from the hallway screamed, “Shut the door and lock it!”

For the next four to five minutes, Osgood and his classmates — with the doors locked and blinds pulled shut — listened to muffled screams and moans emanating from the hallway.

“We could hear people yelling about bleeding, stuff like that,” he said.

Finally, there was a bang from a backdoor well. Some classmates screamed. A couple of armed Seattle cops burst through the door, leading the frightened class out of the building. Osgood and other students caught glimpses of the shooting scene as they went.

A bloodied girl was being loaded onto a stretcher. Carpeting was splattered in blood. And two police officers were holding down a man with black hair.

“He wasn’t moving at all,” Osgood said. “ … in handcuffs, with a couple of cops kneeling on his back.”

The students were led across the street and into another building, where they were kept in lockdown for at least 45 minutes, Osgood added.

“It’s pretty rattling,” Osgood said. “And then on top of that, all of this happened right outside of the classroom. It was very scary. A lot of people were freaking out. It’s just really weird. You never think anything like this will happen to you — especially after the shooting that happened at UCSB a couple weeks ago. It’s just bizarre.”

As soon as he could, Osgood said, he called his parents, his brother and his close friends in Alaska to let them know he was safe.

“I made sure I was the first to let them know what happened, so that they didn’t see it on Twitter or something.”

Crime is rare in the SPU area. Over the past four years, Seattle police recorded 14 violent crimes, slightly more than three incidents a year: seven threats, six assaults and one robbery. Of the 252 incidents in the area, about 90 percent were property crimes — car prowls, auto thefts and bike thefts, police records show.

While no Seattle public schools are directly near SPU, buses returned students to some schools because drivers were are unable to get to their homes or after-school programs due to police road closures. Those schools were identified as Blaine, Queen Anne, Coe and John Hay schools.

After a delay, school buses were reloaded and students were taken home.

Lawton Elementary in Magnolia was designated as a shelter-in-place as a precaution.

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On May 23, 2014, in Isla Vista, California, Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured fourteen others near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara, before committing suicide.

The attack began when 22-year-old Rodger stabbed three men to death in his apartment. Afterward, he drove to a sorority house and shot three female students outside, killing two. He drove to a nearby deli and shot to death a male student who was inside. He began to speed through Isla Vista, shooting and wounding several pedestrians and striking several others with his car. Rodger exchanged gunfire with police twice during the attack, receiving a non-fatal gunshot to the hip. The rampage ended when his car crashed into a parked vehicle and came to a stop. Police found him dead in the car with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Before driving to the sorority house, Rodger uploaded a video to YouTube, titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution”, in which he outlined details of his upcoming attack and his motives. He said he wanted to punish women for rejecting him and to punish sexually active men for living a more enjoyable life than his.

After uploading the video, Rodger e-mailed a lengthy autobiographical manuscript to approximately a dozen acquaintances and family members. The document, which he titled “My Twisted World”, was made available on the Internet and became widely known as his “manifesto”. In it, he described his childhood, family conflicts, frustration over not being able to find a girlfriend, his hatred of women, his contempt for racial minorities and interracial couples, and his plans for what he described as “retribution”.

Rodger began his attacks at his apartment in Seville Road, where three men were found dead inside. Each victim had received multiple stab wounds, and all had been killed approximately three hours before the shooting spree. Their bodies were found the day following the shootings. They were identified as Rodger’s roommates, Weihan Wang and Cheng Hong, and a friend named George Chen.

Faint bloodstains in the main hallway of the apartment indicate at least one of the victims had been attacked as he entered the apartment. Authorities later said that the presence of a blood-soaked bath towel and paper towels in the bathroom suggest Rodger had attempted to clean the hallway after each murder. The bodies of Wang and Hong were found in their shared bedroom, whereas Chen’s body was found in the bathroom. The positioning of the bodies suggested each victim had entered the apartment separately before being murdered, and that Rodger had made efforts to conceal the bodies of the first two victims by covering them with blankets, towels, and clothing. Police removed a knife, a hammer, and two machetes from the apartment, but they later determined that two knives recovered from a backpack found in Rodger’s car were the weapons used to kill the apartment victims.

Less than two hours preceding the shooting spree, Rodger went to a Starbucks coffee shop, where he purchased some coffee. He was later seen sitting in his car in the parking lot of his apartment building at about 8:30 p.m.,  working on his laptop. He uploaded the “Retribution” video at 9:17 p.m., and sent his manifesto e-mail at 9:18 p.m.

Rodger drove to the Alpha Phi sorority house at Embarcadero del Norte and Segovia Road near the University of California Santa Barbara. He knocked on the sorority house door for a few minutes. After no one answered, he began shooting people who were nearby. He first shot three Delta Delta Delta sorority sisters, killing two of them and wounding the third. Responding sheriff’s deputies and nearby pedestrians ran to the victims and tried to tend to their wounds before ambulances arrived.

After returning to his car, Rodger drove two blocks onto Pardall Road and fired once at a coffee shop as he went eastbound. The shop was closed and unoccupied at the time, and no one was injured by the gunshot. He then arrived at the Isla Vista Deli Mart and fired several gunshots into the building, fatally shooting a student inside. His car was seen leaving the scene by four responding foot-patrol officers, but they did not identify him as the shooter.

He drove south on Embarcadero del Norte on the wrong side of the street, striking a pedestrian crossing the street and firing at two others on the sidewalk but missing both. Embarcadero del Norte curves near a 7-Eleven convenience store, forming “The Loop”, where he continued firing, hitting a couple exiting a pizzeria and then a female bicyclist. Rodger drove south on El Embarcadero and shot at and missed a woman, turned east on Del Playa Drive, then made a U-turn and drove west, where he exchanged fire with a sheriff’s deputy, who was responding to a 9:27 p.m. 9-1-1 call, and struck two pedestrians. Students at the Isla Vista Church, on Del Playa near Camino del Sur, were finishing a worship service at the time and heard gunfire.

Turning north on Camino del Sur, Rodger shot and wounded three people at Sabado Tarde, and also struck a skateboarder and two bicyclists with his car. Turning east on Sabado Tarde, he struck a skateboarder with his car and shot two other men at the intersection with Camino Pescadero. On Sabado Tarde near Little Acorn Park, he again exchanged gunfire, this time with three sheriff’s deputies, and was shot in the left hip. Pursued by police, Rodger turned south a second time on El Embarcadero, then west again on Del Playa. He struck a bicyclist, then crashed on the north sidewalk just east of the intersection of Del Playa and Camino Pescadero.

Police found Rodger dead inside his vehicle from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. He killed a total of six other people, and wounded fourteen others.

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Richmond police said late Wednesday they have a lead in a shooting that prompted a school lockdown after a 14-year-old boy was shot near campus earlier in the day.

The shooting near John F. Kennedy High School, which occurred at 8:30 a.m., was likely caused by a dispute between several people and not gang-related, according to Richmond Police Lt. Shawn Pickett. The boy was shot in the leg near a park across the street, then ran to the school for help, Pickett said.

John F. Kennedy was briefly locked down — students arriving and those already on campus were not allowed to leave, according to spokeswoman Sgt. Nicole Abetkov said. Nobody else was injured and classes proceeded as usual.

Coronado Elementary School, which is being housed temporarily on the high school campus, also was on lockdown after the shooting.

The chaos erupted as a school resource officer received a call about a fight taking place at John F. Kennedy Park, across the street from the school, police said. At the same time, police received reports of shots fired near South 41st and Cutting, and the school resource officer saw a boy run toward the campus.

Following the shooting, parents and other relatives of students converged, eager to take their children home.

“I need to take my grandson home,” said Sylvia Whitley, 63, who said she dropped him off at the school then heard about the shooting on the news when she returned home. “There’s going to be retaliation. That’s how it’s done in this town. I don’t want him to be part of the crowd after school.

Whitley’s grandson, Emon Hopkins, said he could hear the gunshots from his classroom.

“Everybody was scared because it came out of nowhere,” the freshman said. “Everybody was screaming.”

Students typically congregate at the park and the nearby corner, where there is a bus stop, before and after school. Extra police units were on hand when the final bell rang at 3:20 p.m. Patrol cars were positioned on both ends of the campus and on adjacent streets, and two police cars were at the park, where a few dozen students waited for rides in the shade. Freshman Carlos Sanders, who said he knows the victim, said added security is needed on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods where students trek on their way to and from school.

“I don’t feel safe,” the 15-year-old said after school. “There’s too many shootings up here.”

Richmond police Chief Chris Magnus also was at the scene and said the shooting doesn’t appear connected to the school.

The shooting came two days after a 25-year-old man was shot several times in the chest in the Iron Triangle. That man survived. On May 4, Lester Williams III was shot to death after an argument between neighbors erupted into violence.


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One person was shot in the parking deck of Georgia Gwinnett College, the school said.

Around 2 p.m., a 911 call was placed from the roof of a parking deck, the college posted on its Facebook page.

“The individual was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center and the condition is unknown at this time,” the college stated.

The campus, located in Lawrenceville, was not placed on lockdown because college leaders determined it was an isolated incident. The weapon was found at the scene, the college said.

Georgia Gwinnett College campus police requested assistance from the GBI with the investigation. It was not known if the injury was self-inflicted.

No further details were released.


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Paine College
May 52014

An active shooter situation was reported at Paine College on Monday with one person reported to be shot. The suspect was apparently apprehended and in custody. It was the second shooting incident to occur at the college campus in two days.

Investigators said Paine College student, JaJuan Baker, 21, was shot in the head during an altercation by Xavier Cooper, 20, another student at the college.

Investigators said Baker was shot at Haygood-Holsey Hall.

“Upon arrival, a male victim was found on the third floor with a gunshot wound to the head. The victim was transported to Georgia Regents University Hospital Trauma Center for what is reported as a life-threatening injury,” Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday.

On Wednesday, authorities said Baker is expected to make a full recovery.

As the campus went into lock down, police were able to track Cooper to a dormitory where he was hiding.

On Sunday, a shooting took place on campus where another student was struck by debris when the bullets pierced through a dormitory wall. That shooting placed the campus on lock down as well.

“The sheriff’s office is investigating another shooting that occurred the previous evening where a student was injured by debris, through a blast through a wall,” Clayton said.

Investigators are looking into whether the two shootings are connected.

School officials said the campus is safe for students and normal classes will resume on Tuesday.

“We take safety as the highest responsibility when it comes to the protection of our students,” Brandon Brown, the senior vice president of Institutional Advancement at Paine College, said. “We are continuing to do the things we do to protect our students.”

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Paine College
May 42014

Richmond County deputies and Paine College police are investigating a shooting that happened Sunday on campus.

Deputies responded to Gray Hall, a male residence hall, around 4:45 p.m. to a report of shots fired inside the building, according to an incident report.

Two victims told deputies that they were coming down the stairs to the lobby of Gray Hall when they saw two men with a gun, according to the report. They heard multiple gun shots and started running toward the front door.

The men continued to fire shots outside the building, according to the report. One of the victims was hit in the shoulder by fragments, and the other victim injured his hand when he fell to the ground while running.

The campus was placed on lockdown, but was later deemed safe, university officials said.

The suspects in the shooting are not students at the college, officials said.

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A 19-year-old was shot and killed Friday by suspected gang members at a Detroit high school, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Darryl Smith was shot Friday night in the parking lot of East English Village Preparatory Academy. Around 9:30 p.m. that evening, a carload of people fired into a crowd of about 100 students and family members who were at the high school attending an event, according to the Free Press. Police believe the shooting was part of a dispute between two gangs.

“We believe that this involved two local street gangs and I’m not going to pay homage or advertise. We know who they are,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig, as reported Saturday by CBS Detroit. “And they should know that we are not going to rest until we dismantle both gangs.”

Police Sgt. Michael Woody told the Free Press that authorities were notified Sunday morning that Smith had died.

No arrests have been made so far. Police said that the suspects were driving a burgundy or red Impala or Grand Am, according to the paper. The car was reportedly circling the area prior to the shooting, which occurred after the school’s Grammy Night, an event for seniors and their families that drew about 800 people to East English Village Preparatory Academy Friday night.

Craig said the victim was not an East English Village Prep student and was at the event with a relative. He was neither a gang member nor a criminal, authorities told the Free Press. Craig said Smith wanted to be a professional football player but was working to help his family.

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Deputies have arrested two J.H. Rose High School students in connection to Wednesday’s shooting near D.H. Conley High School.

Warrants show that 17-year-old C-Allah Mysun Coombs Jr. was arrested on Friday and 17-year-old Jeffrey Charles Gough was arrested Saturday.

Documents show that Coombs is the alleged shooter, having discharged a 45 caliber handgun into the school, while students were inside. Deputies say the shots were fired from off school grounds, near the entrance of the school on Worthington Road.

Warrants show that both suspects knowingly possessed a 45 caliber handgun on J.H. Rose High School property. A spokeswoman with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office says they then left J.H. Rose property and fired from a vehicle at D.H. Conley.

Warrants show that Gough became an accessory after the fact, for assisting Coombs in an attempt to escape after the crime was committed, by driving him away from the scene. He also allegedly failed to notify a Pitt County Sheriff’s Sergeant that he had done so during a traffic stop, on Wednesday, the day of the shooting.

Coombs is charged with felony discharging a weapon into occupied property,  for having a gun on educational property, which is a felony, and misdemeanor going armed to the terror of people.

Gough is charged with felony accessory after the fact, as well as having a gun on educational property, also a felony.

Warrants show that Coombs’ birthday was the day before he allegedly committed the shooting.

Warrants state that both are due in court on Monday, the 14th. They are both under $25,000 bond

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Two suspects were in custody Tuesday after shots were fired outside a Fulton County high school, the result of an argument that spilled out from the school into the parking lot, school officials say.

Banneker High School and nearby Feldwood Elementary School were both put on lockdown around 1 p.m. after reports of gunfire in the Banneker parking lot.

“We’d had a student situation inside the school, which started as a disagreement. That ended up in the parking lot. We understand that there were two shots were fired in the air,” said Susan Hale, Fulton County Schools spokesperson. “No one was injured, and at this point we don’t believe the weapon was inside the school.”

Hale couldn’t confirm whether the two individuals in custody were students at the school.

She said Fulton County Schools Police and Union City Police are still investigating the incident.

Hale said those involved fled school property after the shots were fired, and police are still looking for more potential suspects.

The elementary school dismissed on time around 2:30 p.m., and Hale said Bannekar was set to dismiss just before 4 p.m.

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A manhunt continues for a shooter who left a teenager critically injured in the Foothill Farms area on Tuesday.

Detectives have interviewed several witnesses to the crime, but the questioning hasn’t led to any arrests, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said.

Two people were temporarily held, but they weren’t considered suspects.

Earlier Tuesday evening, deputies said they likely had the shooting suspect in custody — but that turned out not to be the case.

Officials spent some time tracking reports of someone jumping fences in that community, and said that’s likely one of the the people they’re still after.

The students who were held at Foothill High School after the gunfire rang out were allowed to leave campus if they were picked up by a parent or guardian, the Twin Rivers Unified School District said earlier this evening.

Authorities with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and the Twin Rivers Police Department lifted the lockdown only for those students who could arrange for a parent or guardian to physically show up and take them home.

Officials at the school called all the parents whose children were affected, said Zenobia Gerald, a district spokesperson.

Foothill High School was first locked down about 5:30 p.m., after police received several reports of gunfire in the 5000 block of Andrea Boulevard, which is about a half mile from the school, officials said.

Preliminary reports indicated six to eight shots rang out near the Fountain Grove apartments. People reported seeing a male victim down in front of the complex.

Only a small number of people remained on the high school campus at that time, Gerald said. No major athletic events or community groups were meeting at the school.

Still, sheriff’s officials suspended all softball games and soccer practices in the area.

All athletes and parents were taken to a safe and secure location on the Foothill High School campus, Gerald said. Officers cleared the athletic fields about 6:30 p.m.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has been the lead agency on the shooting investigation.

Department spokeswoman Lisa Bowman confirmed the shooting victim is age 18 or younger. He is listed in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

Witness reports suggested a black, four-door sedan drove by the apartment complex, with the shooter firing multiple times out a vehicle window.

Deputies got set up in at least two locations, trying to piece together Tuesday’s order of events.

A perimeter was set this evening, but deputies started breaking it down around 8 p.m. The search continues.

The car in question reportedly has black alley lights and a black push bumper.

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Police are investigating a shooting involving a campus police officer at a Georgia Regents University dormitory complex in the Augusta area.

Georgia Regents Police Chief William McBride says the shooting happened around 2 a.m. Saturday, after officers were called to the University Village on Damascus Road for a noise complaint.

McBride tells The Augusta Chronicle that people began fleeing the scene when officers arrived.

He said a male suspect entered a vehicle and nearly struck an officer, who opened fire. The male suspect was struck at least once by gunfire.

McBride says the suspect was taken to Georgia Regents Medical Center with injuries that were not believed to be critical.

Richmond County Sheriff’s Investigator Glen Rahn said his department is assisting in the investigation because an officer was involved.

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A busy stretch of downtown San Jose was sealed off for hours Friday after a San Jose State University officer shot and killed a knife-wielding man who reportedly charged at him and his partner just off campus.The confrontation also involved an officer using a Taser against the man — “to no effect” — which was followed by the deadly force, according to San Jose police, which is investigating the shooting because by a jurisdictional hair, it occurred in the city.Authorities said the man was taken to Valley Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Police were withholding his name until his family could be notified.

Officer Albert Morales, an San Jose Police Department spokesman, said it does not appear the man who died attended the university.

“There is nothing to lead us to believe he is a student,” Morales said.

University police got a call around 11 a.m. reporting sightings of a man walking on campus with large knife, Morales said. Two officers spotted the man and followed him, but by the time they were able to contact him he had already walked off campus to the intersection of South Eighth and San Salvador streets.

Morales said the officers ordered the man to drop the knife, and he attacked them.

“The suspect charged at the officers with the knife,” Morales said.

One officer fired his Taser, and after that didn’t stop him, the second officer “used his firearm in defense of his life and his partner’s life.”

Neither officer was injured. They were interviewed Friday afternoon by San Jose homicide detectives, who will conduct an investigation monitored by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, which is routine after officer-involved shootings.

Morales would not say how many shots the officer fired. Several people in the area said they heard what they thought were two gunshots.

Elisa Gomez said her 13-year-old daughter was inside an apartment near the shooting and told her by phone what happened.

“She heard the zapping of a stun gun,” Gomez said. “They went to go out and the next thing you know, two gunshots.”

Her daughter said she went out and saw a man on the ground being examined by officers. He was placed on a gurney and taken to the hospital.

Streets around the shooting were blocked off after the shooting, which occurred across the street from the SJSU campus near dorms, the school’s aquatic center and the Events Center. On-campus activity experienced minimal disruption.

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Two youths were shot during a fight near John F. Kennedy High School Friday afternoon, according to the Cleveland Police Department.

Police were in the area at 3:50 p.m. responding to calls about a fight when officers heard shots fired.

Other officers responded and they found  two teenage males in the parking lot of the Burger King at 16511 Harvard Avenue.

The 16-year-old was shot in the upper right hip and the 14-year-old was grazed by a bullet by his ribs, police said. They were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

The Fourth District detective bureau is investigating.

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Cypress Lakes High School was swarming with police Monday. It marked the first day back to school since a big fight sent a student to the hospital.

“They need security, they need security here,” parent Becky Dorantes said.

Parent Mark Garraway said it was “debatable” whether it was really necessary.

The fleets of officers were from both the Cy-Fair ISD and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Their intent was to make this school week safer than the last one.

On Friday a fight broke out near campus that involved as many as 100 teens. Shots were fired and a 19-year-old was seriously injured.

It is still not clear if he was struck by a bullet or badly beaten.

“The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is handling the issue and consults with the Cypress Fairbanks ISD police department,” Principal Sarah Harty wrote in a letter to parents over the weekend. “We have not received any confirmed information of specific involvement or injuries of our students. We know, however, that you are all interested in the safety and security of your child.”

Police say some of the teens could have been involved with gangs.

Neighbors say the fights are becoming common, just as parents are calling for an end to them.

“It’s most unfortunate that our children have to experience violence like this,” Gwen Ricks said.

Yet some parents say it is an isolated problem among a specific group of students.

“For the most part, I think it’s just one group of them making the whole school look bad,” Helen Jackson said. “There’s a good group of teachers and administrators.”

Some students tell KHOU 11 News that Monday’s show of force will not make a difference.

“I don’t think it’s going to do nothing,” student Naitza Ortiz said. “Kids are going to do what they want to do.”

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All Raytown schools were temporarily on lockdown after a fatal shooting in their education and conference center parking lot.

An adult male was killed.

When Raytown police arrived, a suspect was located and arrested. Officers found the victim inside a vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The relationship between the suspect and victim is unknown at this time.

Allan Markley, the superintendent of Raytown schools, said the shooting happened about 10:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Raytown Schools Education and Conference Center, located at 10750 E. 350 Hwy.

“The school district enacted their plan for evacuation of students once the crime scene was secured,” Markley said. “Students were evacuated and we began contacting parents to reunite with those students.”

The superintendent said they did a soft lockdown of all schools in the district just to make sure that all students were safe. The lockdown was removed some time later.

Students at Raytown Success Academy, an alternative school, were moved to a nearby church for the time being as part of a predetermined plan. Markley said anywhere from 75 to 100 students attend the school at a time.

Beyond Raytown Success Academy, the building also contains the district’s technology department as well as their teaching and learning center.

Marcina Williams’ 17-year-old son attends Raytown Success Academy.

“I actually I didn’t hear anything about it. I saw it on Facebook,” she said. “I just received a phone call at 1:15 p.m. Why did it take them three hours to let us know our students were in danger?” Williams said.

She said she was terrified when she heard the news on Facebook.

“My son said he could hear the shots from inside his classroom,” she said.

Williams said when she got to the church to pick up her son she asked the administration why she didn’t get a call.

She says she was told cell phones were provided to students to use to call their parents. Williams said her son never called her.

“They need to get a better procedure for the safety of our children because this is not working for me,” she said.

Williams said she was officially notified three hours after the shooting.

Authorities said the shooting did not involve high school students, and the students were relocated as a precaution as the investigation unfolded.

Markley said school officials are as satisfied as one could be in a situation like the one that happened Thursday.

“All students are safe. All students are being reunited with their families,” he said. “In these times all you have to mention is Columbine and Newtown. Things like this are happening all over the country and you have to be prepared for something like this whether it’s happened or not.”

No charges have been filed yet.

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Alaska state Troopers say a 12-year-old boy has been arrested after he shot at a 13-year-old girl with a BB gun at a school gymnasium in the northern Alaska village of Ambler.

The girl was struck in the leg.

Troopers say the boy took the gun to the school Saturday night and shot at security cameras.

According to troopers, the boy then shot at the girl, who ducked for cover behind an entrance door.

Troopers say one shot struck the girl in the leg and another BB hit the door glass, which prevented the girl from being hit in the face.

The boy was arrested and taken to the Nome youth facility.

Ambler is a village of about 260 people located 138 miles northeast of Kotzebue.

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“We were just on the swings and we heard two gun shots over behind this wall over here,” said Rene Garza, a fourth grader at Cesar Chavez Elementary School who heard gun shots while playing at a park nearby.

Over the wall is the school, and across the street Sheriff’s deputies say shots were fired just before 4 p.m. Thursday on the 49600 block of Avenida De Oro.

“After that we heard more like after that it became more loud,” Garza said.

The school went into lockdown to protect students and staff at after-school programs. But the school district says no one at the school was involved.

“It had nothing to do with the school, it was across the street kind of toward that trailer park over there,” said Dr. Darryl Adams, Coachella Valley Unified School District Superintendent.

Authorities say four people were involved in the shooting: two victims transported themselves to John F. Kennedy hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Meanwhile two suspects fled the scene on foot and were last seen running north east toward the Food 4 Less shopping center.

“The area’s been checked and the suspects fled the location and they’re undetermined at this time, no description at all,” said Deputy Armando Munoz, public information officer for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Investigators canvassed the neighborhood outside the school gathering witness statements, while a California Highway Patrol aircraft also searched the area.

The two suspects are still on the loose.

“The witnesses are being interviewed, the scene is being processed and there is a search for the suspects as well,” Deputy Munoz said.

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Thornridge High School
February 112014

Two victims injured in a shooting near Thornridge High School this evening ran to the school seeking help following the attack, police said.

The shooting took place a little before 7 p.m. on 152nd Street near Champlain Street in Dolton, police said in a news conference. Two patients were taken to Franciscan St. Margaret Hospital in Hammond from the shooting, one in critical condition, emergency officials said.

A group of about five people were walking in the area when a black mini-van pulled up and someone got out and exchanged words with those in the group, then started firing at them, police said tonight at a news conference.

The gunman fired about five or six shots, and the group scattered, police said.

The two victims ran to Thornridge High School, 15000 Cottage Grove, which was hosting a basketball game against Thornwood High School at the time, authorities said.

A 20-year-old man suffered a wound to his right thigh and a 17-year-old boy was shot in his right flank and stomach area, said police. The boy was later transferred to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he was listed as in critical condition.

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Five shots were fired in the parking lot of Charles F. Brush High School, including one which hit an unoccupied police car. No one was reported to be injured, though a school basketball game was going on at the time.

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Salisbury High School
February 102014

Late Monday, police arrested DaJuan Lamont Russell, 17, at a relative’s home on East Fisher Street. He is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, possession of a firearm on school property and discharging a weapon on school property.

Russell was jailed under a $250,000 bond. His first court appearance is today.

Investigators say he was moving from house to house throughout the evening Monday but never left Rowan County.

Williams, a freshman, was shot in the stomach outside the school gym around 3 p.m. Monday.

A parent who was at the school drove Williams to Novant Health Rowan Medical Center, where he was treated for several hours then released. Other than a gunshot wound, Shaleek has a fractured rib. His injuries did not require surgery or any stitches.

Salisbury Police Department investigators say the shooting happened during a confrontation between two groups, including some Salisbury High students. Two suspects ran from the area.

The school was placed on code red lockdown for 50 minutes. All of the students in and around the gym were ushered inside when the shooting took place and later escorted out, said Police Lt. Tom Wilsey, who was at the scene.

Nearby Livingstone College was also placed on lockdown, as were Knox Middle School and the Ellis Street offices of the Rowan Salisbury School System.

At home Monday night, but still wearing his hospital gown, Shaleek recounted the shooting.

Happened fast

“It happened so fast. I didn’t know I was shot. I heard it,” he said.

As he tried to get the people fighting to leave the gym, another teen approached Williams and said, “What’s up with you then?” He then fired a shot at close range, striking Williams.

Witnesses said the suspect punched Williams, but Williams said he didn’t recall being hit.

When Shaleek’s mother, Kim, received the call that he’d had been shot, “I was thinking that was a mistake,” she said.

Kim said as she drove to the hospital, “a lot of bad things were running through my head.”

The shooting stirred up memories of her husband’s death. Kim was six months pregnant with Shaleek when his father was killed. He was shot in the stomach. She didn’t make it to the hospital in time to see him before he died.

Kim hadn’t driven to work Monday and frantically ran from her job to get to the hospital. A co-worker picked Kim up and drove her the rest of the way.

She was in a panic to get to the hospital because she didn’t know Shaleek’s condition and “just wanted him to know I was there.”

Kim was wary of going inside her son’s hospital room for fear that she wouldn’t be able to handle seeing him. She sent her brother inside first after doctors warned her of the amount of blood she’d see.

Doctors told her the bullet missed all of his vital organs.

Friendly with everyone

Shaleek says he knows the person who shot him. Shaleek and his family believe the teen disliked him and saw an opportunity to harm him.

Shaleek said he didn’t have an issue with the accused shooter and is friendly with everyone.

Shaleek just had a 16th birthday party Saturday at the Miller Recreation Center. Kim said the altercation did not occur at Shaleek’s party. She said there were no issues at the party, but afterward there were teens fighting in street not far from the party. She believes whatever the teens were fighting about continued Monday. She also believes the weekend fight was gang related. Police have not said the fight was gang related.

Kim said she doesn’t have any animosity toward the teen who shot her son.

“I don’t hold any hatred in my heart,” she said.

She says she told Shaleek on Saturday that he should not try to mediate when others get into fights.

Kim says she is a very involved parent. She monitors her children’s social media and knows who their friends are, she said.

“I’m always in their business. I don’t tolerate certain things,” Kim said.

The family doesn’t know the woman who drove Shaleek to the hospital, but are grateful that she did. Williams said a classmate, Tim Rose, grabbed him and helped him get inside the car.

“I remind him of how blessed he is,” Kim said.

The family is also appreciative of the students, coaches, teachers, administrators, parents and the school system for their support. There were dozens of people inside the hospital waiting room, Kim said.

‘It’s shocking’

A coach who did not want to be identified witnessed the shooting and told the Post that it first appeared Williams had been punched. But when the teen went down, the coach realized he had been shot.

Williams ran away from the gym, calling, “Help me! Someone shot me!” A parent opened the door to her vehicle and told Williams to get in, then took him to the hospital, the coach said.

Authorities said they believed the incident stemmed from an altercation that happened over the weekend. Some of the people involved in that fight apparently entered the school gym Wednesday afternoon looking to continue it.

Williams exited the gym when he was approached by a teen believed to be a former student.

The coach who saw the shooting said nothing like this has happened at Salisbury High in his time there.

“I never thought that it would happen here,” the coach said.

Williams plays basketball and football at Salisbury High. Junior Varsity basketball Coach Romeo White called him a “good kid.”

White said he heard about the shooting from another coach and the school’s athletic director.

He sent text messages to his players letting them know what happened and informed them the game that was slated for Monday night would be canceled. White also asked the players to pray for Williams.

“It’s shocking. It’s surprising,” White said.

Code red

The shooting happened a half hour after school had been dismissed for the day, but there were still students and staff there.

Salisbury police cruisers lined Taylor Street as a few parents began showing up at just after 3 p.m. making inquiries with the few people who were leaving the gym.

One parent, who asked her name not be used, said she received a frantic call from her daughter. She said her daughter was standing near Williams when the shooting occurred.

“He was standing right there,” her daughter could be heard saying as her mother walked toward her. Mother and daughter were led into a back door of the gym by Salisbury police. The teenager still seemed visibly shaken by the events that occurred moments earlier.

One student who didn’t want to be identified said she and some other students were standing in and around the gym when they heard the gunshot. She said she’d didn’t look back, she just ran. It was chaotic, she said.

“Some students ran back inside the gym and some students ran back in the main building,” she said.

Kathleen Bourque, a senior, was in the art room when the incident occurred. The students moved to a closet for safety.

“We all just kind of got in there and waited it out,” she said. “We were pretty nervous. We had no idea what was going on.”

Kathleen said the school’s secretary announced the school was on a code red lockdown over the intercom.

Kathleen said she and her friends were texting each other from different places in the school.

Her brother, Brendan Bourque, was standing outside the school when it happened. Brendan is a sophomore.

“I couldn’t see what was going on,” he said. “We went inside and then a few minutes later, we saw a lot of people storm through the doors. They were going crazy.”

Students who had been outside were taken to the auditorium.

Brendan said the people around him were nervous and scared.

“There were a lot of mixed emotions,” he said. “I was shocked.”

“I feel fine (about going back to school tomorrow), but I know there’s going to be a lot of talk going on,” Brendan said.

Officers and counselors

Salisbury police will have a strong presence in the school today, officials said. A ConnectED message to parents says the school will be on code yellow lockdown.

Principal Luke Brown, in the Monday message to Salisbury High parents said, “The safety of our students is our top priority and we will continue to take all necessary measures in ensuring that our school remains safe for all students.”

Brown said school officials continue working closely with law enforcement.

Student Services Director Carol Ann Houpe will be at Salisbury High with other counselors for students, staff and parents for one-on-one and group counseling “for as long as needed,” according to Rowan-Salisbury School System Public Information Officer Rita Foil.

Foil was unable to provide any additional information about the incident but said, this “shows us that our practice lockdowns” and crisis drills work.

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A Bend High School student shot and killed himself in a modular classroom amid other students Friday afternoon, bringing police and medics rushing to the scene as the school was placed in lockdown for several hours, officials said.

The student fatally shot himself in a modular classroom around noon with a gun he brought onto the Sixth Street campus, Police Chief Jim Porter confirmed at a late-afternoon news conference.

Porter confirmed other students were present but declined to say how many or describe the type of weapon. He also did not identify the student, noting police policy regarding suicides. But he said the tragic situation was “contained immediately.”

“The loss of any student is a tragedy,” Bend-La Pine Schools Superintendent Ron Wilkinson said. “Our hearts go out to the family and friends, staff and students.”

Wilkinson said the staff handled the crisis in an “awesome manner” and also had praise for students who were locked down on campus for at least two hours, with little information but plenty of reports flying via texts and social media about what happened.

“At first, I thought it was a drill,” one student said of hearing the first loudspeaker announcement of the lockdown. “But he sounded scared — and then he came on a second time and I realized it was real — came on a third time, knew it was real.”

Several parents expressed frustration to NewsChannel 21 on the scene about not being informed by police or authorities about what had transpired, sparking frustration and fear. Others were grateful their children had texted them from classrooms to say they were alright.

School district spokeswoman Julianne Repman said the Bend High campus will be closed all weekend due to the investigation, so churches or other groups that use the buildings will not meet there. Crisis counselors will be available for all who wish to speak with them on Saturday at Bear Creek Elementary School from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

School psychologist and Director of Special Programs Sean Reinhart urged parents and students “be vigilant and look out for signs” of young people at risk of suicide.

He spoke of hearing “individuals talk about wanting to die, wanting to kill themselves,” acting hopeless or anxious, acting recklessly, or showing signs of withdrawal or feelings of isolation. He offered two numbers for those seeking help, one local — 541-322-7500 — and the national Suicide Prevention Lifeline, available at 1-800-273-TALK or

In a Facebook posting Friday night, Deschutes County District Attorney Patrick Flaherty offered thoughts and prayers to all touched by the “tragic and shocking events.”

He noted that Deschutes County Behavioral Health offers 24-hour crisis intervention, by phone or face to face. The 24-hour phone line is 800-875-7364.

He also said the county’s Victims’ Assistance Program is working with Oregon Crime Victims Compensation and the school district to coordinate funding for extended counseling. More information is expected to be available through the school district on Monday.

In a release issued before the news conference, Bend police Lt. Kurt Koester did not identify the student, nor provide a gender or age, but said no one else was injured and there was no threat to the school or public. He said police and school officials worked to systematically release students from school.

Here’s the complete announcement from Bend-La Pine Schools, posted to their Facebook page:

“Bend Police and Emergency Responders were called to Bend Senior High School shortly after a noon 9-1-1 call that a student had allegedly committed suicide on campus. The school is in lockdown at this hour as police investigate the situation. There is no further threat to students or staff and the building is secure. A crisis team has arrived on campus and is meeting with those affected.

“Staff will begin escorting students out of the building, by wing, to their vehicles, buses, and off campus – for pedestrians and bike riders – at approximately 2:35pm. Student pedestrians and drivers will exit campus via the 6th Street and Clay campus exit. Parents can pick up their students at the Presbyterian Church on 9th Street. Campus will remain closed to visitors through the weekend.

“Students, staff or community members who would like to meet with counselors, at no cost, can drop in to Bear Creek Elementary School between 9am – 2pm tomorrow.

“All evening activities are cancelled at Bend Senior High.

“Our hearts go out to the students, staff and our community at Bend Senior High School.

“Normally, the District and law enforcement would not share public information regarding a suicide, but due to the circumstances, the District felt it important to share this sad information with families and the community,” the announcement concluded.

Koester said the investigation was being assisted by Oregon State Police and the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office.

Earlier, the district had said, “Police report that there is no further danger to students or staff at the school.”

Ninth Street was closed and monitored by staff, according to initial scanner reports, which also indicated crisis workers were arriving on scene.

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San Jose police are looking for a man accused of shooting and injuring a person near an East San Jose middle school Friday night.

The shooting happened around the 3100 block of Oakgate Way near Quimby Oak Middle School at about 9:40 p.m., according to police. When officers arrived, they found a man suffering from at least one gunshot wound.

An argument between the suspect and his friends and the victim and his friends may have led to the shooting, according to police.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital and treated for his injuries. His condition is unknown, and he is still in the hospital, according to police.

The suspect fled the area and the investigation is ongoing.

The suspect and victim have not been identified.

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North High School
January 312014

A shooting in the parking lot of North High School in Des Moines left one girl with minor injuries Friday night and some eyewitnesses shaken.

Following the North Polar Bears’ basketball game against Roosevelt, a 15-year-old girl was standing outside with other spectators when a black Jeep pulled up and six unknown males inside allegedly started yelling at them, according to Des Moines police reports.

Three uniformed police officers were working at the packed alumni game. They noted that during the game there were multiple fights, according to the reports.

The three officers reportedly called for back-up once the game let out. One witness said the game ended about 9:20 p.m. A teacher called 911 saying shots had been fired out in the parking lot, near the southwest side of the building, about 9:58 p.m. Witnesses told police they saw a bullet hit a front railing.

The teen girl who was hit told police that the group in the Jeep had returned while she was with a group of others waiting for rides home in the parking lot near 6th Street and Holcomb Avenue. The victim said she could hear the group yell “C-Block” and “32,” the reports state.

North High graduate Jenniffer Welch, 34, attended Friday night’s alumni game. She was in the parking lot when shots were fired.

“(I was) literally right in the heart of it actually,” she said.  As she was walking to her car, she saw a group of about 8 to 10 kids. She said there was a lot of yelling happening.

After the first shot was fired, she said she ducked behind a car with her mother and listened as the bullets ricocheted off  objects just a few feet away.

“It takes you a second to realize if it’s real or not,” she said. “It happened so fast.”

After that her adrenaline kicked in and she just wanted to make sure her mother was OK.

After the game there was a reception and mixer for the alumni in attendance. Welch said the game was packed, and even saw people turned away. By the time the shots were fired, about 10 p.m., most of the guests had left.

“Luckily, there weren’t a whole lot of people left over,” Welch said.

The high school staff went to work, Welch said, and helped get everyone inside.

“I was very impressed by the staff, they were quick to get everyone inside,” Welch said.

Other witnesses told officers that prior to the shooting there was a fight in the parking lot. The 15-year-old, who was grazed in the buttocks, told police six shots were fired into the lot.

She was transported to Mercy Medical Center by her aunt, where police met with her about 10:51 p.m., according to the report. She is listed in good condition.

Phil Roeder, spokesperson for the Des Moines Public Schools, said in an email to The Register that the school is cooperating with an ongoing investigation with the Des Moines Police Department. He also said there is some “uncertainty” over what happened after the game.

“Safety at our schools is always a top priority, and we’ll be cooperating with DMPD any way we can to get to the bottom of this and take any action we need to take as a school district,” he said.

After the shooting, police looked for shell casings and possible bullet holes around the school. They could not find anything, according to the reports.

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One student was shot and another was hospitalized following a fight Thursday in the parking lot of Eastern Florida State College in Palm Bay, rescue officials said. The campus is shared with the University of Central Florida.

Officials said Amado Contreras was shot in the chest. He is in fair condition and the injury is not considered to be life-threatening, according to the police report.

Police said  Thursday afternoon Contreras along with his brother Landyer Contreas, became involved   in a verbal argument with student Landrick Hamilton, which escalated into a physical fight  in the parking lot of the college’s main building.

One of the brothers got out of a car and began beating Hamilton with a pool cue police said.

Hamilton pulled a handgun from his car, shooting and wounding Amado in the chest, police said.

“We just heard a gunshot. Well, we heard a loud, ‘Pow, pow!’ We didn’t know. We didn’t know exactly what it was,” said a witness. “No one was alarmed, [and] then we just saw people running over there.”

“I thought it was one of those little firecracker things because it wasn’t very loud,” said another witness

Officials said Hamilton was hospitalized for head injuries he received in the fight right before the shooting.

All three are claiming self defense.

No charges have been filed and the case is being sent to the State Attorney’s office.

According to a tweet from the college, the campus was deemed safe and the lockdown has been lifted.

Classes have been cancelled.

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One person was shot on the campus of Tennessee State University in Nashville on Tuesday night, The Tennessean reported.

The shooting occurred just after 9 p.m. near Kean Hall on TSU’s main campus.

According to WSMV-TV, initial reports from the scene said the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. The victim was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses told WKRN-TV that two people were fighting about a gambling debt when others joined in the altercation and a man opened fire.

The victim’s identity has not been released. Police have not released details about the shooter.

Just after 10 p.m., TSU issued an emergency message about the incident, urging all students on campus to “stay in shelter as secured as possible.”

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Roosevelt High School
January 282014

Honolulu police say a 17-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the wrist after he attacked three officers with a knife at Roosevelt High School.
Officers responded at about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday after school officials reported a teen runaway on campus.

“Upon their arrival there, when they entered the office that the suspect was in, he became combative, struck two of the officers. During that time, there were two civilians in the office, who both fled out of the office,” HPD Maj. Richard Robinson said. “He then brandished a knife and began slashing at officers. One officer drew his weapon, fired two shots, striking the suspect. After continued struggle, the suspect was taken into custody and walked out of school.”

According to Emergency Medical Services, the 17-year-old student was taken the Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition.
Three officers were treated for minor injuries.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 4

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Justin Bernard Singleton, 19, was taken into custody for the Friday shooting death of 20-year-old Brandon Robinson, a member of the school’s football team, the State Law Enforcement Division said in a statement.
Police on Friday said they were searching for four suspects believed to be involved in the shooting, which occurred at about 1:30 p.m. EST (1830 GMT) on the campus of the college in Orangeburg, South Carolina.
On Saturday, police said Singleton had shot Robinson in the neck while the two were arguing outside a residence hall. Robinson later died at a nearby hospital.

It was not immediately clear whether police were still looking for other suspects.
Singleton is a sophomore at South Carolina State University, an official at the school said on Saturday.
Robinson, a junior majoring in industrial engineering technology, played outside linebacker and defensive end for the school’s football team, university officials said in a statement.
South Carolina State University has an enrollment of about 3,200 students. Orangeburg, a city of nearly 14,000 people, is located about 75 miles northwest of Charleston.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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Purdue University
January 212014

A teacher’s assistant and a senior at Purdue University, 21-year-old Andrew Boldt, was fatally shot inside a classroom in the Electrical Engineering Building.  Cody Cousins, 23, who was also a TA at the university, was arrested in connection with the shooting.  Police said Cousins fire four to five shots inside the classroom.  Students were inside at the time but no one else was injured.  Cousins was arrested by officers as soon as he exited the building.

Dead: 1, Injuries: 0

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A student allegedly shot two other students in the gymnasium at Delaware Valley Charter School. Both victims, a male and a female, were shot in the arm. They were taken to a nearby hospital and are in stable condition, police say. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said at a news conference that the shooter ran out of the school after the shooting but was taken into custody near his home. 17-year-old Raisheem Rochwell was arrested and charged as an adult for aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and firearms offenses


Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2

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Berrendo Middle School
January 142014

Two people were shot and wounded inside the gymnasium of Berrendo Middle School, at about 8:10 am. An 11-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were airlifted to a hospital in Lubbock, Texas in critical condition. The 12-year-old suspected shooter, Mason Campbell, a seventh grade student, was apprehended at the scene after he was talked down by a staff member and dropped the shotgun. A staff member received minor injuries. Campbell is facing charges of three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He faces a maximum sentence of confinement in a juvenile detention facility until he is 21 years old.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 3

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James Hillhouse High School
January 132014

A 14-year-old student was shot outside of a New Haven high school during a basketball game on Monday night.
Police say the nine officers present at the Hillhouse High School v. Career High School boy’s basketball game reported gunfire around 8 PM, in front of the Hillhouse High School athletic facility, at 480 Sherman Parkway.
A crowd of around 2,000 people scattered when they heard the gunshots while leaving the game after it ended.
Police also encountered a small group of people running from the scene and arrested two adults, but they haven’t been charged with any weapon or shooting crimes. A discarded handgun was also found nearby.

“As officers were coming from the Whaley Avenue area, they encountered a small group running along side of the school,” said Officer David Hartman, New Haven Police Department. “They did stop that group, two people were arrested and I want to make clear that the arrests thus far are not being connected directly with the shooting. However, a gun was located at their feet.”
Later, police received a call of a young man who had been shot at the  intersection of Dixwell Avenue at Munson Street, which is several blocks from the school.
Police found the ninth grade boy suffering from a gunshot wound to his hand and a graze gunshot wound to his leg.
He was taken to the hospital for treatment and his injuries are said to be non-life threatening.
The incident is under investigation and there is not yet a suspect description.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1


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A student was charged with bringing a gun to school at Liberty Technology Magnet High School in Jackson, Tennessee and shooting a fellow classmate in the thigh. The incident occurred outside the front of the school.

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West Orange High School
December 282013

The 17-year-old alleged gang member accused of shooting a fellow student at West Orange High School earlier this month has been charged as an adult, court records show.  J’Morian Bell was booked into the Orange County Jail on Thursday afternoon on several felony charges, including attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm on school grounds and discharging a firearm on school grounds. Bell is accused of shooting 15-year-old Jaroderick Smith, a student and football player at the high school, on Dec. 4. Jaroderick, who was shot in the face and abdomen, spent several days Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment. After he was released, he said missed football and wanted to get back to school so he could get back to playing the game.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1

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Arapahoe High School
December 132013

Pierson, 18, entered the school Dec. 13 armed with a 12-gauge shotgun, machete, Molotov cocktails and more than 125 rounds of ammunition. He shot fellow senior Claire Davis, 17, and minutes later killed himself, but authorities have said the weaponry he packed was a sign that he meant to harm many. Claire died eight days later.

Deaths: 2, Injuries: 0

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Edison High School
December 132013

Four teens went into Edison High School in what was believed as a gang-initiation process. After accosting a 62-year-old woman about a mile away from school grounds, they found an athletic trainer who taught at Edison High and shot him several times in the leg and stomach. It took a few days for the youths to get caught, and this was cinched when the 62-year-old woman and some surveillance video gave police the information they needed.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1

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A physics professor, Alberto Lemut, 37, at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the Electrical Engineering/Physics building.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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Brashear High School
November 132013

After classes ended, at least one gunman came out of the woods and opened fire on three students as they were walking to their cars at Brashear High School. One student was grazed in the head, another was struck in the neck and shoulder, and a third was hit in the leg and foot. Six people were taken into custody. The shooting is believed to be drug-related.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 3

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Stephenson High School
November 32013

A Stephenson High School student and a janitor were shot in an apparent confrontation between team members and a group of teens who don’t attend the school. Both were innocent bystanders in the ordeal.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2


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A 21-year-old student was shot and wounded at North Carolina A&T State University. The victim was hospitalized for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The university was temporarily locked down that night, and the lockdown was lifted about half an hour later. No suspects are in custody.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1



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Sparks Middle School
October 212013

12-year-old seventh-grade student Jose Reyes opened fire with a semi-automatic handgun at the basketball courts of Sparks Middle School, injuring one student in the shoulder. A teacher, Michael Landsberry, who was trying to intervene with the gunman was then shot and killed by Reyes, as he was standing on a playground. Reyes shot and wounded student who tried to come to Landsberry’s assistance after he fell onto the ground. That student suffered an injury to his abdomen. Reyes then committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The shooting happened before classes, and the school was evacuated and was closed for the week.

Deaths: 2, Injuries: 2

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Lanier High School
October 152013

A 17-year-old student fatally shot himself with a handgun in the courtyard of Lanier High School. The shooting happened in front of other students.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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A 16-year-old student was shot in the hip at Agape Christian Academy after a fight broke out at 2 pm. An innocent bystander was hit in his ankle by a stray bullet or shrapnel. The two victims were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The suspected shooter reportedly fled in a car with several other males. He was not caught.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2

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Gaige McGue, 19, of Denmark died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the parking lot of Gray-New Gloucester High School during homecoming weekend. According to the sheriff’s office, McCue had never been a student at the school.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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J.W. Sexton High School
September 282013

Three students and one other teenager were shot outside of J.W. Sexton High School, at about 2:45 PM. Apparently, a group of students went to a location near the school and were attempting to settle some type of disagreement, when shots rang out. The three injured students were hospitalized while an additional teenager later showed up at an area hospital who was injured as well.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 4

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Carver High School
August 302013

A 15-year-old male student was shot in the neck and shoulder at Carver High School, at 2:30 PM. The victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. An 18-year-old male student was apprehended by a school resource officer without incident.  The suspected gunman is charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, carrying a concealed gun, possessing and discharging a firearm, and carrying a firearm onto educational property. The shooting was believed to be the result of an on-going dispute between the suspect and the victim.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1

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A student, Roderick Bobo, 15, was shot during a football game at North Panola High School in what was termed as a gang-related shooting. Two others were injured in the shooting, and three men were charged as being responsible for the crime.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 2

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A man with an AK-47 fired six shots inside the front office of Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, an elementary school. After the gunman fired the shots, he barricaded himself in the office and police at the scene returned fire. Nobody was injured. Children had to leave the building and were being guided to a corner of a field, where they were picked up by their parents. The alleged gunman is a 20-year-old male named Michael Brandon Hill. In the front office of the school, Hill talked with Antoinette Tuff, a woman who worked in the front office, who had called 9-1-1. Tuff talked him down, and helped him surrender to the police before anyone was hurt. Hill was apprehended

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 0

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Two custodians at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School were shot and killed. The deceased were Christopher Marshall, 48, and his boss Ted Orama, 56. A third custodian was suspected in the killings and was apparently on the lam.

Deaths: 2, Injuries: 0

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2013 Santa Monica shooting: Six people, including the shooter died and four others were wounded at or near the campus of Santa Monica College when a lone gunman opened fire on the school campus library after shooting at several cars and a city bus at separate crime scenes. The gunman, John Zawahri, was fatally wounded by responding police officers. Among the dead were the shooter’s father and brother, both of whom died inside a house that was set on fire a mile or so from the Santa Monica College campus.

Deaths: 6, Injuries: 4

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At around 8:00 AM EST, a student shot himself at La Salle High School, a Catholic school. The student, Joe Poynter, was hospitalized in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital. According to police, no known threats were made to any other students or staff. Police arrived immediately after the incident was reported.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1

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At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, near Building 32 (Stata Center) at 10:48 p.m. EDT,  a campus police officer was shot multiple times.The officer, 26-year-old Sean Collier, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital in nearby downtown Boston, where he was pronounced dead. The shooting was believed to be perpetrated by the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings that took place in Boston three days prior to this shooting. The two suspects are brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

About three hours after the MIT shooting, Tamerlan died in a gunfight with police in Watertown, Massachusetts. In that gunfight, another officer was shot and seriously wounded. Dzhokhar was arrested 18 hours afterward in Watertown, and was hospitalized in critical condition from a gunshot wound to the neck.

Deaths: 2, Injuries: 1

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13-year-old Tyler Nichols took his life just before the start of classes Thursday at Davidson Middle School in Southgate.  The school system responded quickly to the tragedy.

“We had an eighth grade student, who committed suicide in our building this morning,” said Southgate Community Schools Superintendent Bill Grusecki.

“A student came into the bathroom, found him down on the ground,” said Southgate Director of Public Safety Tom Coombs.  “The student notified a staff member.”

Grusecki said staff sprang into action, following protocol to a tee.

“We went into immediate lock down, kept the kids in the classrooms safe while the authorities were dealing with the situation,” he explained.

Nichols was pronounced dead at the hospital.  School was canceled, and students waited for their parents to pick them up.

“We thought maybe someone was having a heart attack, but it was very scary to know that someone brought a gun into school and shot themselves,” said student Austin Robinson.

“We were just really shocked.  A lot of people were crying,” said student Ben Patton.

Of course, everybody is wondering what drove this eighth grader to do something so drastic and permanent.  Some have said he was bullied.  The superintendent isn’t so sure.

“From what I understand, he’s a very good student, somewhat popular,” said Grusecki.  “Talking with the staff at the building, he had never gone to anybody with any issues or problems or anything like that.”

In the wake of the tragedy, this school is taking a tough look at its security measures.

“We had no idea… that student was coming into the building armed,” Grusecki said.

The superintendent is determined to do all he can to change that.

“We’ll check kids out when they come in with things on Monday until we can make arrangements with regards to metal detectors or whatever else,” Grusecki said.

The school is bringing in grief counselors for as long as they are needed because a tragedy like this is something they will never forget.

“We could see it in their faces.  It was difficult for all of us,” said Grusecki.

The gun Nichols used to shoot himself belonged to a family member, but police would not say exactly which family member.  They said it was legally registered and not secured, which is how this young man was able obtain the gun and bring it to school.

Police also said Nichols did leave a note.

Students will be back in class on Monday.  They are being asked not to bring backpacks or wear any bulky coats or jackets because everyone will be checked.

Thursday’s tragedy leaves many students and parents shaken. Beaumont Psychiatrist Dr. Joel Young says teens will have varied reactions. “It’s important for parents to extend a listening ear, but don’t be surprised if your child doesn’t want to follow through,” says Beaumont Psychiatrist Dr. Joel Young. “He just might want to move on and think such terrible thoughts.”

The number one cause of suicide is untreated depression. If you or someone you love is in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or visit

Even children can suffer from depression, which can be fatal if left untreated.  Learn about the warning signs at

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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At the University of Central Florida, 30-year-old student James Oliver Seevakumaran pulled a fire alarm went off at the Tower 1 dormitory. According to plans he had written, Seevakumaran intended to attract a large amount of people inside the building to gather and shoot them. He then pointed a handgun at his roommate and threatened to shoot him inside their dormitory room. Seevakumaran released his roommate who ran into a bathroom to call 911. Seevakumaran then fatally shot himself in the head. Authorities found an assault weapon, a couple hundred rounds of ammunition and four homemade bombs inside his backpack.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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Price Middle School
January 312013

A 14-year-old male student was shot and wounded in the back of the neck at Price Middle School. The gunman, a student, was believed to be arguing with the other student before taking out a handgun and firing multiple shots at him. In addition, a teacher was injured during the shooting. Afterward, the gunman was disarmed by a school resource officer and subsequently apprehended. He was charged with aggravated assault.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2

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Midland City, Alabama
January 292013

2013 Alabama bunker hostage crisis: A gunman, a man in his 60s, boarded a school bus and shot the bus driver, Charles Albert Poland Jr., 66. Poland was killed. The gunman abducted a 6-year-old child and held him hostage in an underground bunker. The gunman was shot to death by police several days later.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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Between the Library and Academic Building outside of Lone Star College–North Harris, two men got into an argument and one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other man, a student, injuring him. A maintenance man suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. The gunman accidentally shot himself in the leg. After the shooting, the gunman fled into the woods and was arrested hours later. The charges against the initial suspect were dropped and another man was arrested.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 3

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A 17-year-old boy, Tyrone Lawson, was shot to death in a parking lot of Chicago State University. The shooting happened after high school basketball games were being held on the university campus, and Lawson was a spectator at the event. Police arrested two people after the shooting and recovered a weapon.

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A gunman shot an administrator in his office on the fourth floor of Stevens Institute of Business and Arts, wounding him. The suspected gunman, Sean Johnson, a part-time student, shot and wounded himself on a stairwell. Both the administrator and Johnson were hospitalized in stable conditions. Johnson was charged with three felony charges, including assault.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2

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Two people were shot and killed and a third person was wounded at the parking lot of Hazard Community and Technical College. The third victim, 12-year-old Taylor Cornett, died from her wounds the next day. 21-year-old Dalton Lee Stidham was arrested and charged with three counts of murder.

Deaths: 3, Injuries: 0

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A 16-year-old boy was shot in a field across the school campus after a basketball game was held at Osborn High School. He was hospitalized in serious condition.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1

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Taft Union High School
January 102013

A gunman entered a science classroom of Taft Union High School with a 12 gauge shotgun and opened fire. A 16-year-old male student, identified as Bowe Cleveland, was shot in the chest and critically wounded. Another student was shot at, but was not hit. The classroom teacher, Ryan Heber, convinced him to drop his weapon, and the gunman followed his order and was later arrested. Additionally, Heber suffered a minor wound from being grazed by a shotgun pellet during the ordeal. The gunman is suspected to be a 16-year-old student of the school, Bryan Oliver. Cleveland and the other student that was shot at are both believed to be intended targets of the gunman. On January 14, Oliver was charged with two counts of attempted murder and assault with a firearm.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2

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Shots were fired at Apostolic Revival Center Christian School, leaving 27-year-old Kristopher Smith dead in what was believed to be a retaliation killing, possibly for talking with police about a previous incident.

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In a gang-related attack outside Aurora Central High School, a 17-year-old girl was shot and wounded. The wounds caused her to be paralyzed. Luis Enrique Guzman-Rincon, 20, fired shots from a car while students were standing outside the high school, trying to shoot at a group of students who were believed to be gang rivals. Guzman-Ricon was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 1

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Marinette High School
November 292010

Samuel Hengel, 15, took 23 students and a teacher hostage inside a classroom of Marinette High School for five hours. Before the hostage situation, Hengel stormed in the classroom with a handgun and fired shots at a movie projector while a movie was playing. After releasing all the hostages, police entered the building and Hengel shot himself in the head. He died the next day.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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Brendan Liam O’Rourke, 41, opened fire with a .357 handgun on a group of children during their lunch period at Kelly Elementary School. Two girls, ages 6 and 7, were hit and grazed by bullets. A construction worker held down O’Rourke until police arrived. O’Rourke wanted to target wealthy children and chose that school as his place of attack. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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Alisal High School
October 12010

A 15-year-old boy who was fatally shot near Alisal High School in Salinas on Friday morning has been identified by police as Jose Daniel Cisneros. The shooting was reported at about 7:55 a.m. Friday, when Cisneros was shot while he walked toward the school, located at 777 Williams Road, police said. Police officers responded and found Cisneros lying in the school’s grass field and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the torso. He was taken to Natividad Medical Center then flown to a Bay Area hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to police. Witnesses reported a solo shooter who approached on foot as Cisneros entered school property from a paved walkway that runs behind the school near the dead end of Burke Street. The shooter passed by several students before shooting Cisneros, and then fled on foot back down the paved walkway to Camarillo Court where he was seen getting into a tan mid-sized car and fleeing north, police said. Another fatal shooting was reported in Salinas Friday, and occurred about a mile from the scene of the morning murder. The second homicide was reported at about 7:15 p.m. on Key Street, just north of the Salinas Fairways Golf Course and about a mile southwest of Alisal High School. Officers arrived to find two people lying in the street, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. One of the men, a 20-year-old whose name has not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene. The second victim, a 21-year-old, was taken to a Bay Area hospital where he was listed in serious condition as of Friday night. The victims were standing outside their vehicle when two suspects approached. Police do not know what, if anything, was said, but shortly afterward at least one suspect pulled out a handgun and fired multiple times.  The suspects were last seen running north on Paloma Avenue, police said. The suspects are described as Hispanic men between 18 and 23 years old. One of the suspects was tall and thin, while the other was shorter and heavy-set, according to police. Both shootings are being investigated as gang-related.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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Colton Tooley, 19, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, fired multiple shots around the campus with an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle. Nobody was injured. After the shooting, Tooley walked into the Perry-Castañeda Library and then committed suicide.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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Mumford High School
September 82010

Two students were shot and wounded in front of Mumford High School. A 17-year-old man, Steven Jamal Hare, was tried as an adult and charged with assault with intent to kill. In 2012, Hare was sentenced to 27 years of prison.


Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2

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Deer Creek Middle School
February 232010

At Deer Creek Middle School, Bruco Eastwood opened fire from a Winchester Model 70 rifle in a parking lot. Two students, one female and one male and both eighth graders, were both shot and wounded. The boy’s wounds were critical for the four days following the shooting. Eastwood was taken down by teachers and held until his arrest. In October 2011, Eastwood was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Deaths: 0, Injuries: 2

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University of Alabama
February 122010

University of Alabama in Huntsville shooting: Amy Bishop Anderson, a biology professor, shot and killed three of her colleagues and wounded three others during a faculty meeting. In September 2012, she was sentenced to a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and is serving her sentence at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women.

Deaths: 3, Injuries: 3

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University of Alabama
February 122010

2010 University of Alabama in Huntsville shooting: Amy Bishop Anderson, a biology professor, shot and killed three of her colleagues and wounded three others during a faculty meeting. In September 2012, she was sentenced to a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and is serving her sentence at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women.

Deaths: 3 Injuries: 3

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14-year-old 9th grader Todd Brown has died after being shot by another 9th grader at Discovery Middle School on Hughes Road in Madison Friday afternoon.

Brown was taken to Huntsville Hospital where he later died.

WAFF 48’s Eric Sollman was at the hospital when the ambulance arrived and said they were giving the student CPR as they rushed him inside the hospital.

The shooter is in custody and the school was in lockdown until just before 3:00 p.m. Friday.

No other students or faculty members at Discovery were harmed by the alleged shooter.

The school resource officer, Jeff Hovis, and the school nurse acted quickly on the scene.

At 3:00 p.m. parents were allowed to pick up their children at the school.

Asbury United Methodist Church have counselors on scene to help parents, teachers, and students with the tragedy.

Crisis Services of North Alabama wants to remind the public of the availability of our services.

You can call the crisis line in the Huntsville/Madison area at (256) 716-1000 or toll free from Northern Alabama at 1-800-691-8426.

Their trained volunteer telephone counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Beacon Hill Worship Center at 911 Miller Boulevard in Madison will be open to those who would like to pray for Brown.

Deaths: 1, Injuries: 0

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